As you begin to think about paying your next rent, please spend 5 minutes reading about and how easy it is to pay rent electronically.  Zelle is a U.S.-based digital payments network owned by Early Warning Services, a private financial services company owned by several banks some to include:  Bank of America, BB&T, Capital One, JPMorgan Chase, PNC Bank, US Bank and Wells Fargo. is an easy, fast, free safe, secure way to pay your rent, typically integrated into our banking app. The first time you use you may be limited to a certain dollar cap transfer, depending on your relationship with your lending institution.  Please study your limits before sending your first payment.  So forget writing and mailing a check, with Zelle, you send your rent instantly and electronically with peace of mind.


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If you choose to snail mail or hand deliver your rent, please use the dropbox pictured below or the following mailing address: 

  • Pinnacle Properties-BMS1409 N. Bishop, Suite A-1 San Marcos, TX 78666

  • Dropbox around back, note picture below.